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4T Year 13 Scholarship Calculus Workbook

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Simon Todd
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4tφ is a unique text / workbook package designed to be used in a 2-year preparation course for Scholarship Calculus, as a supplement to normal classes at NCEA Levels Two and Three. Unlike the few other resources available, 4tφ doesn't just supply practice questions - it supplies a structured course for the teaching and extending of skills relevant to students at the top level of secondary school mathematics.  The package covers relevant extension material from each of the five strands of the NCEA Level 3 curriculum, plus extra material including an introduction to aspects of tertiary mathematics. It has four parts to it: write-on Student Workbooks at each of Year 12 and Year 13 level, containing notes, examples, exercises and sample Scholarship question homework assignments; a Teacher’s Notes book, which contains all material from both student books plus extra derivations and extensions (intended to be stepped through on the board); and a Worked Answers book, containing complete worked answers for every question in the texts. It is intended that the teaching of material should take just one hour a week for the first three terms of Years 12 and 13, with homework exercises and assignments supplied which students can work on for up to an hour each week. This may be further supplemented by an additional tutorial-style session where the emphasis is on students cementing learning by asking questions and working collaboratively to solve problems. Of course, teachers need not be bound to a 2-year structure: the package is flexible enough to allow topics to be picked and chosen for a cohesive, compressed 1-year course For more infomation see the website Please note this workbook is spiral bound and does not include the answers.