Building On... Achievement in Year 9 English - Developing

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Building On ' , the popular series of English homework books for Year 9 and 10 students, is going where no New Zealand book has gone before: it is being offered as two compatible versions, differentiated to meet the needs of the range of abilities in your students. The original, and probably most widely-used Established version is designed for students who are 'comfortable' with the skills required at this level, those who are refining their established skills. For students who are still mastering these skills we have created a similar but simpler version, Developing. It uses the same passages but edited in length; teaches the same skills but is less detailed to give these students the opportunity to complete the exercises in the same time that other students take to complete more detailed work. The quality remains the same, the work expected is tailored to a different student ability level. Both books link to their corresponding 'How to...' textbook, just as before.