Coastal Processes: NCEA Level 3 Geography

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Steve Beguely
Coastal Processes is designed for use with Muriwai, A Field Guide; a resource for geography students exploring the rich landscapes our coastal regions have to offer. Coastal Processes provides an essential resource for teachers and students using beaches and coasts as their natural environment in fulfilling the requirements of the Level 3 NCEA Achievement Standard 3.1/90701: Analyse natural processes in the context of a geographic environment. It will help students gain a comprehensive and thoroughly geographical understanding of the natural and human processes at work at the interface of land and sea. A highly accessible text for all Level 3 Geography students, it also contains extension material by way of stimulus and further direction for research for those students aiming at Excellence (Level 3), and for Level 4 scholarship candidates. As well as a general overview of all coastal landscapes, and the processes at work within them, the book contains material on: global patterns and global issues (AS 90707 Analyse a geographic topic at a global scales). New Zealand's coastal environment, allowing students to place their local study in its national setting. Issues in coastal management in New Zealand and ways in which different perspectives could be reconciled (AS 90706 Analyse a contemporary geographic issue). The application of coastal geography principles to the art and science of surfing Field work procedures and principles, including suggested research topics (AS 90705 Carry out and present geographic research with consultation). The activities in Coastal Processes have been designed to guide students to a thorough understanding of the processes, phenomena and elements of coastal landscapes.