English Workbook NCEA Level 1: As 1.8 Connections Across Texts

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English Workbook NCEA Level 1: AS 1.8 Connections Across Texts' is a write-on student workbook covering the work students must understand to gain Achieved, Merit, or Excellence in the internally assessed English NCEA Achievement Standard 1.8 - 'Connections across texts' (AS 90852). In this workbook students will find clear explanations, glossaries and detailed examples of the techniques and skills needed to pass this standard. Multiple exercises throughout the workbook help students practice techniques and become aware of the structures required to create a report for submission. A wide range of possible connections between texts is brought to the student's attention using various types of texts such as a novel, a short story, a stage play and poetry. At the end of the workbook there is a sample report showing students how to gain Achieved, Merit, or Excellence passes.
A full set of exercise answers is included. An abbreviated version of the Achievement Criteria and Explanatory Notes of the Achievement Standard itself complete the resource.