Geography 1.4 (4e)

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Jane Evans and Cheryl Osborne

Geography 1.4 is a practical resource to help you pass the Geography 1.4 Achievement Standard: apply concepts and basic geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment.

Features a wide range of activities, covering:

  • Natural and cultural features; maps and mapping skills
  • Map symbols; direction; distance; scale; grid references; measuring area
  • Pr‚cis maps; contour lines; drawing a cross section; relationships and patterns; latitude and longitude
  • Weather maps and choropleth maps
  • Tables and graphs
  • Photographs and cartoons
  • Values and viewpoints
  • Field sketches and research skills
  • Geographic Key Concepts and Maori terms.
  • Practice in concise and accurate writing.

The book contains full-colour topographical maps, as well as a full answer section which can be removed for assessment purposes.