Understanding Year 9 Maths: Australian Curriculum Edition

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This book has been written to broadly follow both the Australian and the NSW Year 9 Mathematics Curriculum (5.2). It is intended to be a very thorough and concise summary of most major core topics which are taught and covered in Year 9 classes throughout Australia.

Please keep in mind that this curriculum is based on the work covered in 2 years of high school (Year 9 and Year 10 ) which implies that different schools may teach the topics in a different order throughout the two year period. Therefore if you cannot find a particular topic summary in this Year 9 book (for example: probability), then you will almost certainly find it explained in the Understanding Year 10 book.

This book will prove to be very beneficial to students, teachers and coaches in all states. It has primarily been developed to be used as an additional learning aid to the conventional school text book, but it could also be used as a class text on its own account.

Features of Benefits

  1. Firstly, the book has been split up into the 12 MAJOR IMPORTANT TOPICS.
  2. Each of these major topics has been broken down into a number of simpler ideas and rules, thus saving educators and students valuable TIME in research.
  3. Most pages explain only one idea or rule, thus giving students CLARITY.
  4. Each concept is thoroughly, but simply, explained for UNDERSTANDING.
  5. Each formula, rule or set of steps is highlighted in larger print for ease of MEMORISING.
  6. Each formula and page contains at least one fully worked example. This not only reinforces understanding, but also shows the student how to APPLY each formula to typical questions.
  7. At the end of each chapter, there are usually at least 4 comprehensive graded exercises for PRACTICE, which cover all the ideas in the topic. If a student is not sure how to do a particular problem, all they need to do is turn back to the page number shown in order to find a very similar example.
  8. In addition, the text presentation is well spaced out, in order to make the subject matter more APPEALING and USER FRIENDLY to this age group.
  9. The opening contents page of each chapter contains CURRICULUM REFERENCES which will prove helpful and beneficial to teachers.
  10. At the end of each chapter there is a CONDENSED SUMMARY of the complete chapter. These chapter summaries give all the formulas and rules that students m