Alpha Mathematics Workbook (3e)

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David Barton
This new edition of the Alpha Mathematics Workbook contains many more of the questions and activities for which David Barton is famous: well-graded, interesting and linked throughout to real-world applications. Developed in conjunction with Alpha Mathematics, the only current New Zealand-written secondary mathematics textbook, this write-on workbook will help students master the material they need to succeed in Level 4 Mathematics and Statistics of the New Zealand Curriculum. The exercises in this workbook are matched to corresponding exercises in Alpha Mathematics third edition, making it easy for teachers to choose, and students to do, homework, extra practice and revision that match what is done in class. The contents of this workbook are organised into the three strands of Level 4 Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum, and the examples and exercises follow the spirit of the Numeracy Project, with one chapter wholly devoted to it.