On Track 4: Mathematics Workbook

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W. Geldof
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A write-on student workbook that provides a comprehensive study programme for students wishing to sit any combination of the following NCEA Level 2 Mathematics Achievement Standards : AS 2.1 - Apply co-ordinate geometry methods in solving problems AS 2.2 - Apply graphical methods in solving problems AS 2.3 - Apply sequences and series in solving problems AS 2.4 - Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems AS 2.5 - Apply network methods in solving problems AS 2.8 - Design a questionnaire AS 2.9 - Use statistical methods to make an inference AS 2.10 - Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using statistical methods AS 2.11 - Evaluate a statistically based report AS 2.12 - Apply probability methods in solving problems AS 2.13 - Investigate a situation involving elements of chance using a simulation AS 2.14 - Apply systems of equations in solving problems. 'On Track 4' is best bought at the start of the school year and used throughout the year as a homework resource. Alternatively, the book may be used as an independent study resource for use in the lead-up to internal and external assessments.